120 Multi Action Frosted Supabright LED Lights With Warm White LED Lights

Frosted LED lights that are available at crimbocrazy.co.uk like this 120 Multi Action Frosted Supabright LED Lights With Warm White LED Lights have a very unique and lovely look. These are actual LED lights but instead of the clear outer surface, the LED lights have a foggy and hazy appearance. The LED lights that are used to make this string lights are in warm white colour but because of the foggy surface, they look like yellow in colour. The light yellow hue of the LED lights attached to the LED light string give a candy colour appearance which makes this string of lights perfect for the holiday season. The LED light bulbs that are used in making this string are exactly the same that used to make the rest of the LED lights in every aspect with the only difference in the surface of the light bulb. 120 frosted LED lights make up this Christmas lights. The LED lights are energy efficient so you would not have to worry about any large electricity bills. They are also durable so these LED lights can be used on many coming holiday seasons.
These LED lights are good enough for even outdoor use due to their durable build. They will be able to survive the difficult winter weather. The LED lights can also be used in the indoors. These LED lights are powered up with AC power and this AC is regulated by the help of the transformer that is attached to the start of the string light. The cable length from this transformer to the first LED light is 10 meter giving a lot of space to install these light strings without having to worry about power outlet being far. This LED light string is multi action and it works in 8 different ways that can be easily configured with the help of the control panel that comes with the light string. The string light is available at crimbocrazy.co.uk for only £21.59. It has a great value for money and is a product of crimbocrazy.co.uk. There is also a 12 month guarantee on these christmas light strings. More candy colours are available in this frosted led christmas lights.

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